Success Stories

Some Experiences of People Dating who are now with their Eternal Companion


Taylor (and Olivia)

"I was in the Wilkinson Center eating lunch and I saw this girl who I thought looked cute. I approached her and asked her number. 8 months later, we got married in the San Diego Temple"

Natalie (and Zach)

"Zach had one of those sexy foreign accents so I thought he was one of those foreign guys. So that sparked my interest... Little did I know"

(For context Zach is deaf... they were sealed in 2010 and are still happily married)

Heidi (and Chris)

"I wanted to go on a mission, as I was approaching my last semester at BYU. My bishop said to wait until after I was graduated to put in my papers. That semester, in my ballroom dance class I met a guy who despite not being the best dancer, turned out to be the most amazing man. We got married that summer."

Heidi and Chris have been married nearly 25 years.

Josh (and Raegan)

"Just over a year ago, some friends in my ward and I decided to go on a trip up to a cabin. It was there, I really got to know the Relief Society President and I became interested. I asked her out shortly after the trip, and we will be getting married in April."